How to Improve Customer Satisfaction at Your Automobile Service Shop?

How to Improve Customer Satisfaction at Your Automobile Service Shop?

How to Improve Customer Satisfaction at Your Automobile Service Shop?

You have taken pains and risks for years and eventually became the owner of an automobile service shop. However, the actual challenge has just started in this competitive world. For your service shop's long-term success, you need to retain your existing customers and get new ones. The key to constantly growing your customer base is to ensure customer satisfaction.

Reputation Is Everything

Reputation is hard to gain but easy to lose. As a business owner operating in the service sector, do not forget that the greatest value of yours is your reputation. 

Gained after years-long efforts, your reputation may suddenly evaporate due to a few simple mistakes. Remember that bad internet reviews about a company spread at lightning speed, given the internet is often used by the consumer to have information on companies. Look after your reputation. And to protect your reputation, make sure that each of your customers leaves your service shop satisfied.

Customer Satisfaction Is a Never-Ending Challenge 

Before carrying out works to improve customer satisfaction, always consider continuity of customer satisfaction. Mind that such work is not a temporary solution or contribution, and make the concept of customer satisfaction one of the basic values of your service shop's working culture. Follow up the efforts made for customer satisfaction.

Know Your Customer 

People like working with people who know them. Knowing your customers will facilitate earning your customers' trust and retaining them in the long run.

No matter how good your memory is, you cannot keep track of a vast amount of information on your customers and their vehicles. Therefore, keep records of your customers and their vehicles in the computer environment in a standardized fashion. Information that you need to collect about your customers may vary depending on the size of your service shop, the services you provide, and your business partners. Properly evaluate all these factors and decide what information to collect from your customers.

Improve Your Physical Environment

It is a boring job for customers to wait at a service shop for the completion of their vehicle's maintenance. Most people consider this waiting period as a huge waste of time. By making some improvements in your service shop's physical environment, you can make your customers spend better time there. 

Facilitate Entries and Exits 

Remember, not all your customers are master drivers. Design entrance to your service shop in a manner that even amateur drivers can easily maneuver. 

Create A Waiting Area 

Create a waiting area for your customers at a different spot than your workshop. This waiting area will provide both your customers and employees with convenience. As your customers comfortably wait for their vehicles, your employees in the workshop can focus on their job without being in direct touch with customers.

  • Make sure there are enough seats in the waiting area.
  • It may be a good idea to have a waiting area with sound insulation. This way, your customers can spend time and make phone calls in a calmer environment.
  • Your waiting area must have a window viewing the workshop. This way, your customers can observe what is done to their vehicles.
  • To make your customers spend better time, keep a TV, some magazines and newspapers in your waiting area.
  • Free Wi-Fi access may also let your customers spend more fun and efficient time at your service shop.
  • Offer some treats such as water, tea, and coffee to your customers in your waiting room.

Listen to Your Customers

Note what your customers request when they are delivering their vehicle to you. Standardized documents such as work order forms will help you in making your workflow smoother.

Offer More 

Even when your customer does not have a special request, observe his/her vehicle and share with him/her the issues that you think need intervention. Washing the vehicle or leaving small gifts usable in the vehicle will also make your customer smile.

Speak to Your Employees

Having an employee whose only job is to communicate with customers will ease the working system in your workplace. If you cannot afford to employ such a person, pay strict attention to be in dialogue with all your employees who need to be in contact with customers. Observe your employees' behavior towards customers and guide them.

On the other hand, do not neglect to listen to your employees. Facilities to reduce employees' stress at the workplace will positively affect their communication with customers.

Pay Importance to Tidiness

Regardless of your service shop's size, having an orderly working environment will improve customer satisfaction and ease workflows in your service shop.

Ensure that your workshop is always clean and well-kept. No one wants to be in a service shop caked in oil with all tools spread around. Set rules for cleanness and tidiness and ensure that your employees comply with them.

Adhere to your appointments with customers. Do not keep timely customers waiting. To this end, pay attention to planning workflows within the service shop.

Almost no one wants to change his/her service shop providing satisfying services. A service shop providing a distinctive service expands its customer portfolio day by day. To grow your business and be one of those distinguished with the value offered to customers, mind the details. Make sure your customers leave your service shop smiling.

The Kick-off for Halla Corporation Europe

The Kick-off for Halla Corporation Europe

All automotive parts which Mando Aftermarket produces, should be transported to Europe, Russia, Africa and Central Asia with the help of Turkey

High investments from the Halla Group to Turkey

High investments from the Halla Group to Turkey

In addition to the automotive industry, the Halla Group carries out activities in many other areas. These include, for example, shipbuilding, education and sports.

Mando Aftermarket strengthens his global procurement system

Mando Aftermarket strengthens his global procurement system

One of the largest brands in the automotive supply industry is Mando Aftermarket, which is part of the South Korean Halla Corporation Europe.

We as Mando Aftermarket participated in the event ’’N! Business Forum 2020’

We as Mando Aftermarket participated in the event ’’N! Business Forum 2020’

This event was organized by one of the largest purchasing groups in the world called Nexus, with which we cooperate.