Thermal systems in your vehicle are what allow you to have a comfortable journey under any weather condition. Heating systems keep the temperature and humidity within the cabin at a certain level to ensure a comfortable journey for passengers.

This system also prevents condensation on your car windows in cold weather.

On the other hand, engine cooling systems prevent engine overheating and help to keep engine parts unharmed. In modern vehicles, engine cooling systems move the heat away from parts of the engine and heat the air within the heater. They can also cool down oil in automatic transmissions, exhaust gases, and transmission liquids.

Radiators, fans, evaporators, compressors, and condensers are the main components in this product group. Mando's thermal system parts are competitive products meeting the market needs with their approved quality.

Parts within this group consume a large amount of the electricity generated within the vehicle. Therefore, their efficiency is of great importance for electricity consumption. With the increased number of electric vehicles, the efficiency of heating and cooling systems became more important. For this reason, Mando takes steps to improve energy efficiency in each model it develops.

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Brake System
Offering products at international quality standards, Mando, with its over 10,000 brake system components it manufactures, is chosen by major automotive manufacturers including Hyundai, Kia, General Motors, BMW, Volkswagen, Peugeot and Fiat. Global brands operating in both passenger and commercial automotive fields rely on Mando for brake components vital in driving safety.
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Electrical components are among the most critical parts of modern vehicles. For this reason, with the electrical components it manufactures by utilizing state-of-the-art technology and at a certain quality standard, Mando offers solutions going beyond the current needs of the automotive industry, in addition to adequately meeting its ever-increasing demands.
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To safely drive your vehicle at maximum performance for years, some parts such as oil pump, water pump, water filter, oil filter, fuel filter, gaskets and belts need to be replaced during maintenance.