Electrical components are among the most critical parts of modern vehicles. For this reason, with the electrical components it manufactures by utilizing state-of-the-art technology and at a certain quality standard, Mando offers solutions going beyond the current needs of the automotive industry, in addition to adequately meeting its ever-increasing demands.

Mando's durable electrical components, including alternators, starter motors, distributors and batteries have been the choice of several global automotive manufacturers.

As for electric vehicles, Mando manufactures high-performance charging units occupying less space. Manufactured by Mando, solutions shortening charging time with high voltage have gone beyond Korea's borders and exported to Europe, North America, and China. Utilizing its experience and knowledge in this field on conventional products, Mando offers quality products to customers worldwide.


Constituting the starting point of your vehicle's electrical assembly, the battery powers the systems in your vehicle when the engine is not running. Batteries manufactured by Mando offer a high starting power and do not require maintenance.


The alternator supplies electric power for your vehicle and charges the battery when its engine is running. Your vehicle's alternator may go out of order over time due to use and road conditions. And alternator failure may suddenly prevent your vehicle from starting, and lead to its electrical parts’ failure. Alternators manufactured by Mando at high standards of quality prevent bad surprises, thanks to their strength and durability.

Starter Motors

Powered by thebattery, the starter motor starts your vehicle when you turn the car key. Your vehicle’s starter motor may wear off and fail over time.

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Brake System
Offering products at international quality standards, Mando, with its over 10,000 brake system components it manufactures, is chosen by major automotive manufacturers including Hyundai, Kia, General Motors, BMW, Volkswagen, Peugeot and Fiat. Global brands operating in both passenger and commercial automotive fields rely on Mando for brake components vital in driving safety.
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Thermal systems in your vehicle are what allow you to have a comfortable journey under any weather condition. Heating systems keep the temperature and humidity within the cabin at a certain level to ensure a comfortable journey for passengers.
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To safely drive your vehicle at maximum performance for years, some parts such as oil pump, water pump, water filter, oil filter, fuel filter, gaskets and belts need to be replaced during maintenance.